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Aakriti Srikanth’s World of AI


"A Woman in AI to Watch out For":

As an initial member for the AI initiative, I have been a keynote speaker at Global AI conferences.

Its been an honor to be featured as:

I am passionate about empowering the people around me:


I won the IBM Watson back when Watson first won against the grand champion on the Jeopardy game in addition to launching products at IBM Watson as one of their first and youngest product team members. IBM Watson https://www.ibm.com/watson/

Winner of the IBM Watson Competition : #WatsonUnivComp: Video demonstration of application http://bit.ly/1Is1xEr

I led IBM Watson Superwoman's group as I would like to see more women succeed in technology.

I have been invited to be a keynote speaker by personalities such as CEO Of Pragmatic Marketing and I recently inaugurated the Pragmatic Speaker Series in SF.

I hail from the Kellogg School of Management Northwestern University and also hold a Computer Science from the Ohio State University.

I started my career at Deloitte and D.E.Shaw & Co. where Jeff Bezos served as the VP of Technology before starting Amazon. As an AI expert, I have been involved in many AI conferences-GraceHopper conference, MLConf, AI Summit. Also, I grew the Boston Data Science Meetup to 800+ members which included notable data scientists from Google, Facebook, Spotify, Amazon and IBM Watson.

As a member of Forbes Communications Council, I am passionate about personal branding and have conducted webinars (https://medium.com/@danjlipson/pragmatic-marketing-personal-branding-d98e79d23cd) on the topic.

I am also a Zumba instructor and fitness addict.

• Zumba Instructor; IBM Watson Health Super Woman’s Group Leader

•. Head of AI Product at IBM Watson

• Google Women in Technology

• Former - Deloitte Digital

• D.E.Shaw & Co.


Woman in Tech Leader