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Aakriti Srikanth’s World of AI

"A Woman in AI to Watch out For"

As the CTO of Venture Amalgamators, my major focus is empowering startup founders. I hail from IBM Watson & was one of Watson Implementation's first team members.

Some of my recent accomplishments include:

  • Advisory Board Member of PerceptiLabs (a YC startup school-based product for Microsoft Europe)

  • Advisory Board Member of JumpStartCSR

awards and accomplishments

I started my career in investor relations at D.E.Shaw & Co (D. E. Shaw & Co. has delivered the fifth-highest returns of any hedge fund

I hail from the Kellogg School of Management Northwestern University and also hold a Computer Science from the Ohio State University, where I won the IBM Watson #WatsonUnivComp Competitionback when Watson first won against the grand champion on Jeopardy, in addition to launching products at IBM Watson as one of their first and youngest product team members.

See here for a video demonstration of the winning application: http://bit.ly/1Is1xEr
Featured as:

1): A Woman in AI to Watch Out For

2): Chosen to be a part of Expert Panel: Forbes New Initiatives 

3): A Powerful Woman in AI 

Original publications:

1): A Sponsor: Your fast track to success 

Current and former memberships include:

  • Forbes Communication Council

  • IBM Watson Super Woman’s Group Leader

  • Head of AI Product

  • Google Women in Technology

As an AI expert, I have been involved in many AI conferences as a keynote speaker, including MLConf, Grace Hopper, and the AI Summit. I also grew the Boston Data Science Meetup to 800+ members which included notable data scientists from Google, Facebook, Spotify, Amazon and IBM Watson, and inaugurated the Pragmatic Speaker Series in SF.

I am also a Zumba instructor and fitness enthusiast.