Aakriti Srikanth

Welcome to Aakriti Srikanth's world of AI

Aakriti Srikanth’s World of AI

Luis Serrano, Head of Content AI at Udacity

“Aku is an absolute gem in the AI space, and I am delighted to see her inspiring others to contribute to the AI space in the way she does.”

Sherry Harmon, CRO at ModuleQ

“Aakriti's super power is that she is a compelling and in demand speaker. Add her experience to her communication skills to reveal the exceptional, effective person she is.“

Harrison Monarth, NYT Bestseller

“Aakriti‘s wit, friendliness, charm and Chutzpah, coupled with her fearless eagerness to engage others are a valuable asset that many senior leaders often strive to acquire. “

“She has tremendous drive and initiative, combined with a sincere kindness and grace. Those traits are a delicate balancing act in any field of endeavor, and she pulls it off brilliantly.”

Bill Wright, Red Hat Director